LLD and GNU linker incompatibilities

Subtitle: Is LLD a drop-in replacement for GNU ld?

The motivation for this article was someone challenging the "drop-in replacement" claim on LLD's website (the discussion was about Linux-like ELF toolchain):

LLD is a linker from the LLVM project that is a drop-in replacement for system linkers and runs much faster than them. It also provides features that are useful for toolchain developers.

99.9% pieces of software work with LLD without a change. Some linker script applications may need an adaption (such adaption is oftentimes due to brittle assumptions: asking too much from GNU ld's behavior which should be fixed anyway). So I defended for this claim.

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Explain GNU style linker options

(首先庆祝一下LLVM 2000 commits达成!)

Compiler driver options

Before describing the linker options, let's introduce the concept of driver options. The user-facing options of gcc and clang are called driver options. Some driver options affect the options passed to the linker. Many such options have the same name as the linker's, and they often have additional functions in addition to the options of the same name passed to the linker, such as:

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题外话:不知不觉,达成了llvm-project 1900 commits的成就。




简单来说,用全局变量(llvm::cl::opt<type> var最常见,也有llvm::cl::list等)表示命令行选项。opt的构造函数会在一个全局的registry中注册这个命令行选项。 在main中调用llvm::cl::ParseCommandLineOptions(argc, argv, ...)解析命令行。 opt支持很多类型,如各种integer types、bool、std::string等,还支持自定义enum类型。

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在gcov的模型中,一个源文件包含若干函数,一个函数包含若干基本块,一个基本块占据若干行,这些信息保存在.gcno文件中。 Instrument程序,在基本块间转移时记录边的执行次数,程序退出时为每个translation unit输出一个.gcda文件。 .gcda文件可以累计多次程序执行的计数。

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